Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Not quite as hoped!

Well, the New Year budget hasn't started off quite as hoped, but in the long run this is saving us money.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, we aren't able to start the grocery budget challenge until 28th January. Until that time we are officially scrimping :(  But as I said, this (although not a good way to start the New Year) will save us more money in the long run.

So any money we have whatsoever at the moment is being pooled to pay for diesal to and from school (our Miss 17 is disabled, and has to be driven.) and just basic food stuffs...if it stretches that far!
Unfortunately I made sure we emptied the freezer and store cupboards before and over Christmas so that we had a fresh start in January! So that doesn't help either.  Sods law eh?

Anyway, only 20 days till 28th so we'll get through it LOL.

I've made my sealed pot, for the sealed pot challenge on frugaldom. Alas it will have to have a rumbly tummy till 28th when it will be launched and shown of to the world.


On a good note, I have given the little boys quilt I was making to his Mum whom I think was happy with it. I could just imagine him snuggling in it during his hospital stay and subsequent weeks recovering from brain surgery.

But now that the quilt finished, I can start making and listing some bits for my new etsy shop which is good news for my money making 2013 challenge!

And on the positive side I've been cycling and walking with my girls towards my weightloss and fitness challenge too, so that's started off well.

Anyway, I have cleaning to do today :)


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  2. I think you're doing a great job and well done with the walking & cycling. Keep up the good work. :) And apologies for duplicate post, first one deleted now. Oops, sorry! :)


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