Friday, 11 January 2013

Bread and meals

We're still scrimping by :)
I've worked out our meals until Tuesday with a minimum spend. On Tuesday I'll have a small amount of money to draw out, so, that again will be split between diesal and neccesities.

Our meals till Tuesday will be:
Cheese n onion bakes with jacket spud, tinned peas and spinach,
Homemade quorn curry,
Veggie sausage, eggs, chips n beans,
Lentil spaghetti bolognese.

Just need a couple of items for the ingredients to these, and some loo rolls :)

I had to make some rolls yesterday for the kids packed lunches.

They turned out beautifully if I do say so myself. I don't often make 'white' bread, as we much prefer wholemeal (apart from Miss 17!) but these were yummy.

I also made my homemade potato salad to go in the rolls with sliced quorn.
I don't have a recipe as such, but use left over potatoes, spring onions or chives (or any garlicky or onion greenery you have growing in the garden!)
Add a generous dollop of mayonaise, a really good squirt of salad cream, and I always put in either a small teaspoon of mustard powder, or a squirt of mustard depending on what we have.

Give it all a good mix. Preferably leave overnight ot let the flavours mingle...

Yum :)

Remember this is good for using up those left over cold spuds, or ones that are sprouting in the veggie basket. Wait till they go cold though before mixing in the sauces.

I used two spring onions for these few spuds, but you just really add everything to taste :)

Today was a no spend day, but tomorrow won't be.

I was going to take Miss 17 for a long walk this afternoon, but alas, her seizures have declared otherwise. :(

Have a good weekend folks


  1. Well done on making your budget stretch, your lentil bolognese sounds interesting, I wish I was brave enough to tackle more veggie meals. I love the sound of mustard in potato salad, must try that one.

    Sorry your walk didn't go according to plan.

    Enjoy your weekend too.

  2. I am your newest follower. We love potato salad, and I may make one myself after looking at yours.

    Our son started with seizures when he was 15. Very worrying when they have one. Luckily his are controlled by medication and I'm touching wood when I say this, he has been seizure free for a number of years. He'll be 29 in April and holds down a great job.


  3. It's funny I've never thought to add a dash of mustard to my potato salad, must give it a go next time.

    Sue xx


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