Wednesday 30 January 2013

Monthly round up

Well, time has escaped me this past week.
I've been about, but just lacked the energy to post :(

On to the positives in life though :)

We have our budget totally sorted. I mean properly now.
And I have also started the £2 sealed pot challenge- I've been doing that now for two weeks -the same as our budget.
Here's my pretty pot :)
It was a twiglet tub from Christmas.  I shall be hopping over to SFT's blog later to see if it's not too late to join in the party!

Each week we have £120. for all out groceries and toiletries. I also have an extra £20 'buffer' which I keep in another decorated pot for if I see any 'buy one get one' offers that have to be taken advantage of, and make money sense.  This buffer is to save me using up money from that weeks budget that has been allocated elsewhere on the shopping list.

But saying that, this month I have bought a years supply of the following:
Juice and school juices saving: £130.00
Kitchen towels saving: £16.80
Cleaning products and fabric conditioner combined saving: £21.60
So my total saving for the year -this month is
£168.40   !!!

This is an excellent start to the year that I'm really pleased with. And before you think "oh well, that's adding extra each week to your budget as you already have those things in stock".  It isn't.
Each week off the budget, I take away the amount of money that these things would have cost me that week was I to buy them not on offer.
So this really is saving us money. As at the moment my weekly budget is down to £104.34 once I have taken off what I would have spent on that item for that week.
Does this make sense? lol.

And all the above items were half price or less in Li*l, Sain$burys and Te$co.

I'm trying to cut back on diesal consumption at the moment... I only wish that we lived nearer to the schools and shops so that we didn't have to drive everywhere. We have to have a car though for our eldest :(

Anyway, I'm off to have a nosey in blog world for a bit, then start on the cleaning :/
Have a good week.

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